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Federfechter Coat of Arms
Topic: Apologia Poetica Translation
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Lufft-Springer Feder-Fechter sind
Geschwind und hurtig wie der Wind/

I found out that "Federfechter" is the name of a German fencing society founded in the 16th Century. It means "feather-fencers" - there is a quill on their coat of arms (see attachment). Here is a link with more info:

Lufft-Springer translates as Air-Jumper. What's an air jumper? In modern times this could be taken as a sky-diver. In Bessler's time it must refer to some sort of acrobat, but I think it's more specific than acrobat... any ideas?

As there is no "und" between Lufft-Springer and Feder-Fechter, does that mean that it can be read as "Air-jumping Federfechters are swift and spry like the wind", or are they seperate?


Posted By: Stewart
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