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Donation of Experimental Prototypes for Bessler Wheel

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:58 pm    Post subject: Donation of Experimental Prototypes for Bessler Wheel Reply with quote Report Post to Admin

For nearly twenty years, my father was fascinated by Johann Bessler’s "Maschinen Tractate" and had been experimenting with four prototype wheels to attempt to replicate Bessler’s wheel. It was my dad’s wish that after he passed away, these wheels would be donated to another person who shared his interest. The four wheels with diameters ranging from 20” to 47”were carefully designed and crafted from wood, with wooden levers and machine tooled metal weights that are interchangeable to any of the wheel bases. The smallest wheel appears to be fully assembled. Although the last wheel (#3) that he had been working on remains unassembled, my dad did put together one of weights to serve as a model for completion of that wheel. Also available are various stands for the wheels and an inclined plane, as well as many of my dad’s handwritten notes and diagrams. These wheels and related items are FREE, however the recipient would need to make arrangements to pick them up in Two Rivers, Wisconsin (shipping not provided). If interested, please respond to this post for additional information and photos.

Wheel #1 (white) – 44 inch diameter
Wheel #2 – 47 inch diameter
Wheel #3 – 32 inch diameter (48 inches tall with stand)
Wheel #4 – 20 inch diameter (23 inches tall with stand)

Four Bessler Wheel experimental prototype wheels available for donation
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The smallest wheel is currently assembled as shown in this photo.
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This larger wheel is no longer assembled because my dad was working on a new configuration before he passed away. My reason for posting this photo is so that you can see the weight and lever mechanisms which can be customized to various configurations. (T
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AB Hammer

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:38 pm    Post subject: re: Donation of Experimental Prototypes for Bessler Wheel Reply with quote Report Post to Admin


That is a generous offer. I wish I had the extra room. They would go good in a quest museum with you fathers name on them. If I ever got well off. That is one thing I would like to build so others can explore the minds behind the quest.

"Our education can be the limitation to our imagination, and our dreams"

So With out a dream, there is no vision.

Old and future wheel videos

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:38 pm    Post subject: re: Donation of Experimental Prototypes for Bessler Wheel Report Post to Admin

This is amazing!
I think the first and best thing you could and should probably do, is to digitalize and scan in all documents and notes your father has left on his task to solving the bessler wheel.
This would probably be of more value than just passing it one to just one person alone.
Of course only one person could have the build Models, if your not passing each to different persons, which i think wouldn't be a smart move, because all wheels seem to be using the same concept, so it probably would be better to have all at one place.
The number of your posts tells me that your father has not had a bessler wheel forum account, that he passed on to you, probably he was older and not into Pc, like younger generations.
He probably had not known there are bessler specific forums like these?
I think that you just found the forum, because you searched online and taring to find people to pass on his works?
If that is the case, i think your father would be most happy, if his 20 year works would be online, for everyone that is interested in it, to study further.
If I would be you, I would scan in and digitalize every single bit of Paper and Note he has left, maybe put it all in a .pdf file with photos of the Models he build and than release it with his name as creator, in honor to him and his works.
This should only take you a few days.
After that, you still could be looking if someone wants to have the Wooden Models for further Study.
What do you think about that?
And you are not interested in Bessler at all the slightest, which such a great Background, maybe think of yourself getting into it?

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