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Gill Simo - 11.15.02

Below are some ideas, diagrams, and animations that Gill Simo sent me on November 15th 2002. The ideas are based on Bessler's drawings, as well as a mysterious Egyptian ceremonial flower bowl discussed here.

The idea that the ancient Egyptians might have developed advanced energy technolgies is explored in the book entitled Giza Power Plant, by Chris Dunn.

Thanks to Gill for his hard work and for sharing his ideas,

>>>>>>>>>>> End of introduction - Gill Simo's Narrative Follows >>>>>>>>>>>

An ancient mystery solved? PM

Somewhere in Cairo lies a strange wheel type artifact. Discovered in the tomb of prince Sabu in the 1930's it is considered therefore to be well over 5000 yrs old. You can find information on this device in several books but one in particular "Giza Power Plant" by Christopher Dunn offers what is quoted as a diagram of approx dimensions. Not wishing to infringe upon Mr Dunn I will not reproduce that diagram here but, as it is the template for this design I can only suggest that you obtain this diagram, this template by whatever means you find acceptable. The diagrams which follow adhere of course to Mr Dunn's template and you are entirely free to reproduce at will but without the original you have no way of verifying the adhesion so to speak.

So, here goes...

Inside this wheel, this diagram, you need to place 3 discs of equal size. That size is determined thus...

The lower disc should fit such that it touches the device in 3 places, against the outer rim, here at the bottom and against the 2 inner rims, one each side, that's under the overturned lapels that create those inner rims.

Note that this disc fits exactly around the axle of the device. Draw a second disc of the same size above the first and note that because it must lie against an inner rim then it forms a perfect Verscica Piscis with the first disc, that's two circles which cut each others centre. Note how the centre point of this vp appears also perfectly around the device axle. I think also, if only my own diagram was a little more accurately drawn, that the upper disc should in fact be meeting the 2 points of the turned back lapels.

However, now push the top disc over to one side or the other, that's to say roll its circumference around the lowers axle and fit a third disc into the available space. You end up with this arrangement

Both upper discs now rest against the lowers axle and boths axles rest against the device axle. Note also where the center point of the 3 discs now lies, at the centre of the device. The inner ring I have included to show the association between discs and lapel tips. The rest I leave to your own imagination and knowledge of forces within wheels for I profess that my own extends to schoolboy physics now almost forgotten. Then again I would insist that this can be a distinct advantage in this particular field of interest! I do not consider this to be the answer, I feel that it is very nearly so and that someone else with a better grasp of magnetism, gravity on a wheel and dynamics will be easily able to come up with/experiment with the correct design/necessary connections.

In attempting to see what's going on here, the inner ring which is included by me only to define where the 3 disc axles sit at any time, slips forward, in advance of the wheel rotation. This slip is in actual fact the three discs rotating a clockwise within the clockwise wheel

I've no idea if this figment of my imagination is more than that. If it is what that imagination tells me, then I have simply too much to say. If this should be the answer, should it come about in this way, under these circumstances then in all humility all I can really say is "Dear God, help us all" and me in particular for the looking.

Mikey Ned, whoever you are God bless ya and not least of course my friends and Finally and personally of utmost importance I must point out that this whole idea has stemmed from a 4 yr study of Johann Bessler and the clues he left us all. Within his six segmented diagram lies the dimensions, the mathematics for an over unity wheel, a wheel that displays excess weight. In his garbled cryptic verse he hides a major clue, it moves both ways when turning and in his statement re the theory, the action involved he mentions an axle which moves as it turns. This device is a 5000 yr old, modern Bessler's wheel and should it spin then J E E Bessler is the hero of the day and not I by any means. Thanks to Ezekiel who's old test, description of wheels within wheels, moving yet not turning led to an understanding of the above clues. Thanks to everybody, absolutely everybody that's ever dared to imagine pm, free energy or whatever, I'm sure it's been a totally combined effort all round. Particular thanks to Mr J Collins for introducing Bessler to today's world, Scott Ellis at besslerwheel.com for his help and encouragement, family for suffering my insanity. If this is so then we all have a lot to learn, a lot of change to face. I can only pray to God that it has come at the right time when in all honesty I can only imagine it to be entirely the wrong time. Maybe it's just time. Time to grow up or blow up perhaps.

This diagram shows the geometry involved. As such I have no doubt that a device could be constructed something like this, something more Bessler style. The blue dots mark the centre points of each yellow line around the wheels axle and these points shift as each yellow line must move in/out as it turns. I include this diagram if only to get others thinking. If youíre good at geometry and can handle a simple animation program with ease then I suggest that you will sooner or later have yourself a falling snowflake, turning as it falls. Interestingly one of Besslerís bible quotes, not sure which, quotes something about "when man learns the secret of the snowflake."

Happy hunting.

-Gill Simo (11/15/2002)
























The individual frames in the above animations:
























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