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Historical Ideas

The possibility of perpetual motion has always fascinated mankind. The first recorded statement claiming its achievement is found in a Sanskrit manuscript from the 5th century B.C. Many highly respected scientists and inventors over the years have seriously considered perpetual motion, including Leonardo da Vinci, Christian Huygens, John Bernoulli, Robert Boyle, George B. Airy, and Nikola Tesla.

George Biddell Airy
On certain Conditions under which a Perpetual Motion is possible.
Cambridge Philosophical Transactions, December 14, 1829
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Current Ideas

The Bessler mystery intrigues all kinds of people, from the armchair physicist to the die-hard perpetual motion believer. Many Bessler enthusiasts approach the subject at first with a certain sense of secrecy. It is easy to believe that our own fresh insights just might unlock the mystery. After all, the stakes are so high... why not guard our private thoughts on the matter, just in case?

But of course such secrecy comes with a cost. The discovery of a gravity harnessing principle would probably lead to the betterment of all mankind. An open, academic community, a markeplace of ideas, only increases the likelihood that someone, somewhere, might finally discover the answer.

Thanks to the many contributors on this webpage for sharing their ideas.

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Gill Simo
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Discussion Board

For more ideas about perpetual motion, free energy, and the Bessler Wheel, please visit the discussion board. Below is an index of discussion board posts that include image attachents.

Many more images and ideas can be found on the new discussion board.

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