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Nature Trumps Science

We should remember that the astonishing revelations of radium and other radioactive substances seemed, at first, to upset the Law of Conservation of Energy. Lord Rayleigh invented a device which acted continually when exposed to the apparently "free" energy of radiation. It was not until Einstein's Theory of Relativity that Physics came to understand mass as a form of energy, and a realization that the Laws of Thermodynamics reflect just a small part of the universe's true nature.

Similarly, until 1908, scientists routinely used the laws of physics to rule out the possibility that man would ever fly. Five years after their first successful flight, and in spite of many public demonstrations, the Wright Brothers' invention was still being ridiculed as a hoax in the press and scientific community. It was not until President Theodore Roosevelt ordered public trials that the Wrights were finally vindicated.

Did Johann Bessler, like the Wright Brothers, employ an unknown physical principle to achieve the "impossible?"

Simon Newcomb, after proving that human flight was "utterly impossible," conceded that it might one day be possible, but only by the discovery of some entirely new material or force of nature. In essence, that is what happened. The Wright Brothers employed principles of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics that were completely unknown to Physics at the time.

Gravity is the least understood force in the natural world. Perhaps there is room in that uncertainty for Bessler's Wheel.

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