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Rainer Preissler - 12.15.2002

(excerpt from an email to Scott Ellis on 12/15/2002)
Attached you will find some of the ideas I'm working on at the moment. They are just the basic concepts I started with, but maybe of interest...

spider02.zip (247 KB, please use Winzip to extract this to 1.45 MB AVI file)

Spider02.avi shows another spring/weight assembly. Basic concept is that the spring is weak enough to be compressed by the weights once they are in vertical line and on the other habd strong enough to move the weights once they come close to the horizontal line. The stopper you see there was just used to get the whole thing into 'rhythm' .. btw, the stopper plays an import role in the extended model. Here it was just a help to get the simulation started. Another important thing is the use of 2 'paired' weights .. interesting, isn't it ... *grin* .. heared that one before?

hydrowheel01.pdf (88 KB, please use Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Hydrowheel.pdf will show you the basic hydraulic wheel concept. Same here, that was just the start design, it's development went into another direction later on, but same here ... more once I'm sick of playing around with it ;o)

Same here .. paired weights... somehow i always end up with paired weights in my designs .. seems really to be a major component.

I'd like to hear the comments of others to these basic designs and the ideas they might have to improve them.

Any questions, just ask.

Have Fun,
aka Tinhead







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