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Posted by Scott Ellis ( on July 29, 2002 at 23:26:03:

In Reply to: drawings posted by grim on July 27, 2002 at 07:44:04:

Hi Grim, thanks for your post. Good luck with your experiments. I hope you'll keep us posted.

: The internal mechanism for both the uni-directional wheel and the bi-directinal wheel is depicted
: in what everyone seems to call the "wallpaper drawing". I built the one on the top, it seems to be a
: transparency because there is no physical way to put 4 throws and their counterweights
: on one side (I used a hand-sawed plywood disk.) The counterweights and arms are tied together with a
: tie rod pivot-pinned from the counterweight mounting pin out the same distance down the throw arm as
: the "pendulums" in the picture. Since the tie rod sweeps the axle area in the center, iI cut a hole in the
: axle for movement clearance and put two links on the throw arms "the circular iron on the end of the pendulum
: rod". Counterweights were poured from lead, and "mysteriously" came out a 12-1 ratio to the weight of the "weights".
: The inverted arm has tremendous kinetic energy when it is grabbed by gravity, and a small part of the excess
: helps the lower arm to lift. Watch your fingers around it it will smack you good when it throws. Duct-taped the weights
: to the outside and inside (thank you, Red Green!), gave it 1/4 turn, got two full turns out of it. Weights must shift positively,
: no "rolling", timing is critical. Works good so far with only two arms and weights not moving in and out, very ebcouraged.
: Other two arms go to other side of disk offset 90 degrees to set on opposite side of disk.
: Have just figured out how he moved weights positively (hard movement) into proper position. The action takes place all in the
: unshaded areas on the drawings as mapped on the prototype edge as the action takes place. Scott, if I get time tonite I will
: draw what I have here. Going today (Sat) to get the parts I need for the positive weight moving mechansim, re-do the throw arms
: and give it a try. Been real busy lately with business and am just getting back to it. Will send .jpg to you this evening or night.
: This thing also rolls itself across ther floor like crazy. Positive weight m-oving mechanism details later as it unfolds.

: Regards to all, Grim

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