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Posted by Scott Ellis ( on September 04, 2002 at 23:18:59:

In Reply to: Re: Apologia drawing posted by Øystein rustad on September 04, 2002 at 17:49:32:

Thank you all for your posts. Here is the image Grim sent me:


: Hello !
: I am very keen to see this...
: Actually I have thought of that myself... but never gotten up to do it...
: I have been looking for qlues between the dots...too...
: Why use dots, if there is no reason to do so?
: If you are willing I am most int. in seeing a copy, and could mail you my conclusion, since I also have anther clue (scaled and zoomed resaults from another drawing), I could compare..
: and maybe find a "missing link" or something...

: Best
: Øystein

: : Was reading the info from the link to Gill Simo's ideas, and came upon the engraving drawing from Apologia. As I looked at it, I thought I saw something unusual in the black shaded areas of the drawing. It brought to mind the masking used on the top copy of somr receipts I had seen in the past that prevent looking at amounts, etc. printed (except for the bottom copy of the receipt form stack). I used my web capture feature on my scanner to grab the image up. From there I ran it thru the photo enhance section of the scanner program, enlarged it to fill the screen while constantly sharpening the image. There were lines hidden in the black areas! They are squares laid out like graph paper used in drafting! At that point, just for fun, I inverted the image (photo negative). Now I not only had the drafting squares, but also images of something in each of the white "triangle" areas that were not in the original "straight up" drawing. May be nothing, but to be able to pull clarity in enough to pick up the "graph paper" lines out of the black areas I thought might be interesting to pass on. I'll pass the .jpg to Scott to see if he thinks its worth a look.

: :
: : Regards,

: : grim

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