Intriguing idea by John Lindsay

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Posted by Scott Ellis ( on January 28, 2003 at 23:57:39:

A colleague of mine sent me a diagram yesterday of an idea he has been working on for a long time. He has decided to share it with you all in hopes that someone with the necessary time, skills, and resources might experiment with the design and help validate the concept with a prototype.

The scheme is deceptively simple, and the diagram alone doesn't really do it justice. There are some complicated forces at work, and John is convinced that the secret to PM is hiding in those forces. As I studied it more closely, I must say I'm intrigued!

The interesting work is going on at the bottom of the device, where the disks, which are hanging by short chains from the arms, are leaning against one another, and the pendulums, which are suspended and pivoting offcenter from the disks, are being tilted by the pegs attached to the arms.

John will be adding a text explanation to go with the diagram soon, and I will try to add some graphical detail as I find time as well.

Hope this leads to some interesting discussion. Thanks a lot John!

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