Maschinen Tractate ordering information from Mikey Ned

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Posted by Scott Ellis ( on January 30, 2003 at 20:52:28:

Here is some great information for anyone interested in ordering Maschinen Tractate from the Kassel Library. Thanks a lot Mike!

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The person to contact is Sylvia v. Hilchen at the Kassel liberary in Germany,
Her email address hilchen||bibliothek.uni

and the web site

Here is the website translated by Google.

There is also the web page that shows all of the books by Bessler that are in libraries around Europe.

Fortunately Sylvia speaks/reads English. At the time I was in contact with them they could not send email out of the country so the communication process was quite slow and MAKE SURE YOU SEND YOUR MAILING ADDRESS.

If you want to try calling her it is an international call long distance so the phone number is long. 011-49-561-804-7315. Allow for the time difference they are actually GMT Greenwich Mean Time.

I had to send them a written request, via by Post Office snail mail, of what I wanted and what I was going to do with it. They want to know if the intent is personal research or publishing or sharing with groups. I claimed personal research.

Request a section of 2° Ms.math. et art. 25 the book with approximately 144 pictures. Germany has also changed to the EURO but photocopies should be less than $40.00. If you send a check for payment be sure to write the check for a couple of dollars over the requested amount when calculating the exchange rate to allow for variations in the dollar value. Otherwise they will demand a relatively expensive international money order.

Copies can be purchased as paper photocopies and positive or negative film etc.

They will send you back an order form (mine was in German) that is sent back. When the order is filled they will write again to tell you the price and you should sedn the check right away to meet the date deadline.

That is as much as I remember at the moment. Let me know if you have any other questions.


If your going to call Germany and want to save a few bucks use one of the 10-10-XXX number or 1-800- services that offer a discount for international phone calls. Rates are advertised as low as 6 cents a minute. Standard ma-bell cost me closer to 65 cents per minute if memory serves me correctly.


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