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Posted by Rainer ( on February 04, 2003 at 20:40:21:

In Reply to: Bessler rant posted by John (the not famous one) on February 03, 2003 at 20:35:44:

Hi John ( the maybe someday famous one ? )

I attached some pics that should explain it a little bit better. Only thing not shown are the catching latches ( lazy bummer me ).

1st - isometric view
showing (nearly) all the elements. Wheel, base, weights, springs,...
there should be a 2nd weight/spring assembly like this , 90degree rotatet.

falling weight compresses the spring ,and latch 'clicks' in to hold it in position ...the buyer buys .. ;^)
COG moves outwards, wheel should start spinning

Forgot to show some bearings, lets assume they are there and reaaally good :)
wheel continues turning

if inertia is hopefully big enough the weight should come close to the 9 o'clock position. Latch releases and that close to a horizontal position the spring should push the weight back towards the center. Now it all depends if we will be able to get to position one... so that the whole game can start again. Thats why I mentioned the 2nd set of weight, rotated 90 degree in relation to the 1st set.

Did I get it right John ??? btw, this is a more detailed version of the spider.avi in the idea section.

Have Fun,


: Re: noise of Bessler loading weights in wheel.
: Do you think it could have been the weight being pushed down and caught
: under the latch?(to be released at 9 o'clock).
: Is the 'other' weight of the pair acting on the pivot end of the
: rod/pendulum(opposite to spring end)?
: Questions Questions...
: Regardz

: See attached (poor) drawing


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