Bessler wheel theory part 4

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Posted by Patrick ( on September 25, 2003 at 23:02:59:

Simplified example of passive input for Bessler Wheel design.

Here is a possible simplified 'input' device that is, in a way, connected to the wheel itself.
Visualize that the wheel rotates clockwise. The rod mechanism does not rotate with the wheel (yet it is free to rotate itself), rather it is passively attached to the axle via a connection to a roller bearing. The rod is free to move between the two stoppers. The rod 'catches' the weight on the downswing and releases it near the zenith. This input theme is valuable since the inter-action can be manipulated to exert force towards the axis, the input can be directed near the zenith and or nadir and also since it (the release motion) is gravity triggered or activated.

This basic premise can yield a number of different variations and applications, The example below is very simplified just to show a possible application 'theme'. There are many more variables to consider with respect to the weight, such as the 'spring-action' required to move the weight, the lever or fulcrum if any, the characteristics of the input device itself, distances between connection points and many other considerations.

This is probably my last contribution to for a while as my workshop experiments are becoming more complex and detailed, making the transition to a written description difficult.

Best regards — Patrick Doucette

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