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Perpetual Motion?

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Spring Pendulum
Spring Pendulum with Toggle
Double Pendulum
Double Spring
Swinging Spring


Johann Bessler - Wikipedia

Orffyre.com - Bill McMurtry

Orffyreus and his Perpetual Motion Machines - Ramesh Menaria

Bessler's Wonderful Wheel (Article, 1956)

Altered Dimensions - Orffyreus

HP's Perpetuum Mobile - History and Analysis

Bessler-Rad - Volker Keller (in German, use google to translate


Perpetual Motion... An Ancient Mystery Solved? - John Collins

Gravity Motor Technology - Larry McCart

The Marvelous Wheel of Johann Bessler - Peter Grütter

The Gravity Converter (in German, use google to translate) - Georg Künstler

Conservative Forcefield Converter - Øystein Rustad

In Depth Mechanical Analysis by Alfred Evert

PM Machine Designs and Theory - Nathan Coppedge 

Hammer Wheel - Slavek Krepelka

Encoded Writing - Orqvav

The Power of One, - Jan Rutkowski

Chiastic Structures, Orffyrean Bearings, and the Bessler Pendulum - Alden Park


The Secret History of the First Law

The Plight of the Obscure Innovator

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

Abhorrent Ideas

Impossible Inventions

The Myths of Skepticism

Skepticism or "Horganism?"

Weird But True


The Least Understood Force - NASA's Gravity Probe B

Missions in Search of Gravity

Tidal Power: Harnessing Gravity

The Speed of Gravity?

Light Speed versus Special Relativity

Repeal the Speed Limit

Faster Than Light... A Particle Theory of Gravity

Absolute Motion... The Gravity Energy Paradox

Curious Properties of Gravity

Vacuum Energy

The Force of Empty Space

An Introduction to Zero-Point Energy

Questions and Answers about the Origin of Inertia and the Zero-Point Field

Quantum Fields: Tapping Vacuum Energy

The Energetic Vacuum: Implications For Energy Research

Vacuum Energy as the Cause of Gravity

Everything For Nothing

Engineering the Vacuum

Accelerating Universe

Scientists Stunned to Learn Universe May Be Accelerating

Weird Discovery About Our Accelerating Universe Ranks No. 1 in Science Magazine Annual Review

Supernova Found to Confirm Accelerating Universe

Turning On the Universe

Satellite to Unveil Dark Energy That Drives Accelerating Universe

A Dark Force in the Universe: Scientists Try to Determine What's Revving Up the Cosmos

Astrophysics Challenged by Dark Energy Finding


Supernova/Acceleration Probe: Studying the Dark Energy of the Universe

Push Gravity Theories

Overview of Push Gravity

A Push From the Other Side?

Neutrinos and Linear Momentum

Gravity, Inertia, and Radiation

Vacuum Energy as the Cause of Gravity

Cosmic Long-Wavelength Photons and a Fundamental Understanding of Gravitation

Autodynamics and the Pico Graviton

Related Experiments

SMOT - Simple Magnetic Overunity Toy

Finsrud Technology and the Chaos Pendulum

The Allais Effect, more...

The Podkletnov and Woodward Effects, more...

NASA's Gravity Shielding Experiments

Other Links

Directory Science: The Comprehensive Science Directory

Zeno's Paradoxes

The Law of Averages

Gravity Concepts: Gravity Links

The Gyroscope Demystified

Physics of Swinging

Bill Beaty's "Antigravity Underground"

American Antigravity

Ridiculed Discoverers, Vindicated Mavericks

Impact - Impulse

The Faraday Disk Stephen Wolfram - A New Kind of Science Einstein Open Systems Entropy Skepticism

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