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Murilo Luciano - 3.31.2003 - Sao Paulo, Brazil

(excerpt and attachments from emails to Scott Ellis)
Welcome to my idea "AVALANCHEDRIVE - FRCM." (Fractioning and Repositioning of a Constant Mass)

The first drawing that you will find is just to help in the conception of a special dedicated body, here called a "chain," that is able to be handled and conducted, and, according to this, may vary in its longitudinal weight.

Consider that these articulated bodies, or chain, as above, will be managed and conducted by rails and other adequate means in some possible configurations, as long as the structure is in place. In drawing "A" you see a contracted pile falling in the vertical and with changing it's way in a 90° shape. The wheel and it's hooks will hang and deform the chain naturally to an open state, where before deviating to the right will also find proportional higher speed. This acceleration will begin in the opening and turning start, at first touch to wheel's hooks. Note also the mobile levers that lock at the open state triangles. The working possibility of this 90° set is clear and feasible.
In drawing "B" a 45° angle is added to the 90° of "A," and the flow of the chain will happen up to the point where enough pressure is applied on the positive pile.
Drawing "C" is just the sequence of the assemblies "A" and "B," where the open chain is drawn up parallel. Also it remains clear, that this expanded chain will rise (and has enough power to it) up to the height where an equilibrium will be reached between the two columns. The equilibrium on the expanded side is reached at a comparably higher pile. The top of the sparse column will rise higher than the top of the dense column as long as they are connected together and transfer force to each other. The mass resistance against push in "C" is higher than in "A" and "B," but in "C" the friction is much less. It's easy to see that the wheel set acts as a fulcrum, just as those from a two plates common balance.

The photo below shows my very first prototype at the point that I stopped the contruction, and also makes evident the changing weight, or density variation, shows one "turn," and the bolts for the opened locking.

Fractioning and Reposition of a Constant Mass - FRCM - AVALANCHEDRIVE (Word document)

FRCM - AVALANCHEDRIVE - Patent Requirement Release (Word document)

The last drawing is schematic, and will be helpful for the conception only, not for execution.

Any comments will be welcome.

Best Regards,
Murilo Luciano


Murilo Luciano - 5.12.2009

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